Maize in Nigeria, Ready to Take Off


The DT Maize Bulletin for March 2014 focuses on Nigeria. 

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With more than 5.56 million ha of land planted to maize in 2013 (or about 16% of all of Africa’s maize area combined), Nigeria has the right to claim the position of the giant of maize production in Africa. Only Tanzania claims a distant second position, with about 4.1 million ha. Maize production in the former country had a humble beginning; it stayed around one million ha through the early 1980s. Accelerated growth started in the mid-1980s, when hybrids were introduced, exceeding the 5 million ha mark in the mid-1990s, following the introduction of early and extra-early varieties; it declined or remained slow during the late 2000s, mainly due to drought and erratic rainfall, but picked up thereafter.

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