Maize Variety Options for Africa Smallholders

maize variety options for africa  malawiRead about DTMA journey and success through pictures and country profiles featured in this series across the 13 DTMA countries. CIMMYT and IITA in close collaboration with private and public sector developed over 200 varieties with preferred farmer traits to help them address the drought constraint as well as other drought-related challenges. Each infograph provides country-specific maize production context and unfolding changes in maize production thanks to the released drought-tolerant varieties. In 2014 alone, 54,000 metric tons of certified drought-tolerant maize seed was produced across the 13 DTMA countries. And though each country faces unique challenges in adopting these new varieties, invaluable collaboration with over 100 national seed companies, has made it possible to get the seed to 43 million smallholders and their families. CIMMYT will continue to increase production and availability of affordable drought-tolerant seed so that more smallholders can benefit.

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