Software FAQ


What are the differences between Maize Fieldbook, IMIS and Maize Finder?

Maize Fieldbook is an application that allows breeders to manage breeding programs, IMIS is a database for all Maize data and the Maize Finder application provides an user interface to query data in IMIS.

What is Maize Fieldbook (MFB)?

Maize Fieldbook is an application that runs in Microsoft Excel and allows breeders to manage breeding programs. It provides support for inventories and experimental design. Future versions of MFB will store and query data held in IMIS.

What is IMIS?

IMIS is the International Maize Information System and it is based on the International Crop Informatiion System. IMIS consists of two parts: a central database and a local database. The central database is shared by all breeders and the local database contains information specific to a single breeder. There is also a public version of the database, which contains all data freely available to anyone. There are also tools similar to MFB to allow data to be managed directly in IMIS.

What is Maize Finder?

MaizeFinder is an application that allows user friendly queries and analysis of the IMIS database. The first version (MaizeFinder I) and which is available from our software download page is a desktop based application that comes with is own database. A newer version (MaizeFinder II) is in development and will be available in two forms as either a desktop application or running within in a web browser. The desktop version is able to query and analyze data in an IMIS database on the user's own machine or across a network, but will need to be downloaded and installed before use. The web version will access data only available on a server, but does not need any prior installation. 

What is MOSEL?

MOSEL is a plugin for the desktop version of MaizeFinder II that will aid MOlecular SELection in breeding programs. MOSEL is currently in development and requires that the breeding program be managed directly in ICIS.